LCPL Christopher MaloneUS Marine Corps

    LCPL Christopher Malone


    Lance Corporal Christopher Malone is a United States Marine and one of the Joshua Chamberlain Society’s newest heroes. Christopher served as a faithful Marine for three years, starting his service as an infantry marksmen and then, a designated marksmen.

    In 2004, immediately after Marine boot camp, Christopher was deployed to Afghanistan where he served 13 months of service. He returned to the states for only three months when he was ordered to do an emergency turnaround deploying to Iraq where he served until he was ambushed and blown up in a Humvee by a Russian Mig 27 Sidewinder that was fired from a bipod system from an alleyway in Ramadi, Iraq.

    Christopher was quickly rushed to a nearby evacuation location for medical stabilization and then transported to Germany, where doctors found additional injuries not found in the evac chopper.

    From Germany, he was transported to Bethesda Hospital and Walter Reed Medical Center where he received his care, including 50 surgeries, multiple skin graphs and amputation of one leg.

    Today, Christopher lives in a small town in southern Kentucky with his wife and three children on a small horse farm.