JCS Heroes

As their sacrifice is permanent, so is our support

What is a Hero?

The Joshua Chamberlain Society defines a Hero as “someone who puts themselves in harms way for the betterment of others”

At JCS we have the unique mission of adopting for life local service members who have sustained traumatic injuries or gave up their life while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom.  Our Heroes have endured great hardship in the service of their country and we have the great opportunity to give back.  Our donors and supporters have the distinct privilege to live among our Heroes and see first hand what their contributions do for the lives of these families.  When you give to our organization you can witness that money making a difference in a Heroes life. Please take the time to learn about our Heroes below.

St. Louis

The founding chapter operating since 2007 serving local wounded veterans in the St. Louis Missouri area.


Expanded and now operating a second chapter serving local wounded veterans in the Nashville Tennessee area.


Expanded and now operating a third chapter serving local wounded veterans in the Houston Texas area.