How We Support


The Joshua Chamberlain Society’s (“JCS”) unique mission is that we adopt our JCS Heroes, in the truest meaning of the word, and commit to provide support for the long term.  We also provide long term support to the children of local post 9-11 veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice in combat while serving our nation.

Support comes in various forms that range from everyday necessity into once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can have life-long impacts. The below descriptions are actual ways that JCS has already been able to provide support and will continue to provide the same and increased support for years to come.


JCS recognizes that returning home following traumatic, lifelong injuries is anything but easy. JCS strives to support our Heroes by saying “yes” when they need help, especially with day-to-day tasks. This includes providing weekly lawn care services or landscaping around their home, paying for smart home utilities, and repairing or replacing household appliances. JCS is committed to helping provide living environments that are not only safe for our Heroes but also support a conducive lifestyle to fit each need individually and to let our Heroes live life to the fullest and as comfortably as possible. For example, underwriting the building of a smart home that will suit our Hero specifically. A smart home that is specially modified to support our Heroes helps ease the daily challenges that they face.  Safety is a priority, especially in our Heroes home, and JCS helps ensure this by providing increased care through new bathrooms and showers with improved amenities that can give greater independence and easier accessibility given the individual’s physical challenges. Another aspect of safety that JCS gifts have been able to provide is car lifts which allow our Heroes full mobility around the vehicle when they are working on their cars.  Gifts like this one which not only increase safety but also independence and “normalcy” (working on their automobile) to our JCS Heroes’ lives is invaluable for the recuperative process.


JCS knows there are opportunities for our Heroes to participate in activities that they not only enjoy but also truly value. Our Heroes should be afforded every opportunity they had before their sacrifice and JCS wants to help support the endeavors and activities they chose to partake in. This includes paying for specialty bikes to allow for a rider to continue a hobby/passion they truly enjoy.   We have also purchased a trailer for transport of an ATV.  Finally, we have provided funds so that our Heroes can travel to and from events that they want to participate in but might not be fully funded.  All of these lifestyle gifts help return a level of normalcy and inclusion to the lives of our Heroes.


JCS knows the importance of family and prides itself on knowing that this has been a hallmark of the Charity’s identity. Family support can include tuition costs for a Hero or their family member, necessary legal work, Christmas gifts for the Heroes and their families, or just ensuring the Hero’s family can either attend their functions or travel with them to the events that they chose to be involved with throughout the year.  JCS is a great support system for the Heroes but ultimately being able to help cultivate those family relationships is going to be the most effective support we can help make available. .


Helping to give our JCS Heroes post-injury and post military service “meaning” in their lives is critical.  It is the single thing that most injured veterans long for more than anything else.  JCS recognizes the importance that a job or career can have in helping to provide meaning and purpose to the everyday lives of our Heroes.  To that end, JCS helps its Heroes find jobs that they will thrive in, enjoy and help restore additional meaning and purpose for the individual.  The support in this regard can be everything from networking, job training, additional education, hardware and materials such as laptop computers, trailers for lawn mowing equipment, or any other tools to help the Heroes create and maintain his/her business.


JCS recognizes that the health of the Heroes can play a major role in their quality of life.  Not only does JCS want to see the Heroes enjoying their life, but also being able to get the medical and recuperative resources they require to get there. Such gifts  includes pain relief treatments to lessen the burden of war wounds, transportation fees so they can attend their rehabilitation appointments, or the training of a service dog that can provide an important companion.

At the end of the day, the ways in which JCS supports its Heroes are as varied as our Heroes themselves.  By creating true and lasting relationships with the Hero and his/her family we are able to anticipate needs or have frank and open lines of communication when the need for support arises.  Without the trust and genuine closeness that JCS has been able to develop with our Heroes, this would not be possible.  Our Heroes know that JCS is here for them, always, ready to lend a helping hand, a shoulder, or just receptive ears, whenever it is needed.  And JCS couldn’t continue to say “Yes” to these needs and support our Heroes the way that we do without the generosity of our incredible donors.  To them, we are eternally grateful.  You can know with complete confidence that a donation to JCS will make a huge impact on the lives of our incredible JCS Heroes and we have highlighted just a handful of these examples above.

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