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“My adventure has come to a close. I am home and just want to wrap up a few thoughts. Many of you know about my trials and attempts at crossing the US. Those times while disappointing to me taught me a lot about things. I love to ride my bike always have. But I am not a professional athlete by any means.

​I am a 47 year old guy who wanted to check a box that was important to me. I learned I am not a 200 mile a day guy. I can do 100 before lunch and another 70 or so late into the day. But after that I need to rest. Riding on my own under my rules and plan is what helped make me successful this time. I had to make some on the fly route changes to keep old injuries from cropping up. I only had to worry about where I was and where I was headed. Come to think of it I did not meet one bicyclist going either way doing what I was doing.

I had a few terrifying close calls with vehicles in New Mexico, Missouri, and Kentucky. I had three flats, and replaced my rear tire in Farmington. Food resources were very challenging. Some due to covid closures and to small town America drying up. There were days of intense heat and nights of cold. So many dogs chased me I lost count.

I am thankful for my wife and family supporting (enduring) this with me for so many years. I also thank my friends and coworkers for following my ride and donating to the cause I supported.

When my now older sons and I did our first ride across Kansas and Colorado many years ago we raised money for The Joshua Chamberlain Society, a St. Louis veterans charity that aids wounded and fallen heroes for life. I have a few interviews to do with a couple papers over the next week or so and plan on leaving my fund raising page up for a bit to see where donations land.”


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