Dear JCS Family,

JCS has played an integral part of my journey leading up to my first year of college at University of Missouri-Columbia (MU).  I am proud to say that I have successfully completed my first year as a student, majoring in Elementary Education, which has been a longtime passion of mine.

 JCS has made several invaluable contributions, both guidance and financial, that I have led to my success as a new college student.  Thanks to the support of the entire JCS family, I was relieved of the financial burden that many new college students and their family’s face.  Having that financial burden relieved, has allowed me to focus heavily on my studies and grades, rather than having to worry about how I will afford tuition, and other expenses that come along with attending University.

Furthermore, this past year, I have been able to participate in many extracurricular activities.  One of the highlights has been joining a sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA).  The JCS family went above and beyond to guide me through rush week, which can be a stressful recruitment process.  Since joining a sorority, I have made many life-long friends, who are the best support system I could ask for as a college freshman.  Our sorority has also been involved in many charitable events, primarily supporting breast cancer education and awareness.  Being able to be a part of this comradery has helped me understand what it’s like to give back to the community; by giving back to others in the way that my JCS family has given to me.

JCS was a part of my journey long before my first year of college.  Over the years, JCS’ invaluable support, resource assistance, and friendship (which has become more like family), has helped to shape me into a young woman who feels a great sense of purpose in life.  With the continued support of my JCS family, I have been able to accomplish things that undoubtedly would not have been possible without their belief in me.  I am truly grateful to my JCS family for being such great mentors, for believing in me, and for their continued support – it has been priceless.  When I am a teacher someday soon, I will always remember how my JCS family helped me pave the way to be able to me achieve my goals.  I could not ask for a better family to have taken me under their wings.

With the utmost gratitude,

Taylor Heldt